Roche Miette Association

What is Roche Miette Association?

Roche Miette Association is an informal group of people who try to achieve the ideals of human unity as expressed in  the Roche Miette Rule. One of the characteristic of this group of enthusiasts is love of nature and willingness to love God through His Creation.  In particular, we are drawn by the beauty of the Roche Miette Mountain, near Hinton, Alberta, and organize once a year a non-denominational hike/pilgrimage to this mountain. People of all religious backgrounds are invited to participate with us in this auspicious event.

You may have better understanding of our activities after reviewing the Roche Miette Newsletter. We invite you to subscribe for the future issues.

If these ideals appeal to you, you may want to support them through a financial donation. Please, send checks for "Roche Miette Association" to:

Piotr Rajski
576, Lessard Drive
Edmonton, AB, T6M 1B2

or use PayPal.



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